IP PBX SUPPORT • (408) 414-7515 (South Bay) • (650) 887-0188 (Peninsula) • (408) 414-7517 (fax) • support@ippbxsupport.com

Support Levels (effective 04/01/15): Rate Chart (effective 04/01/15):
Level 1: (No charge) (free, tips, advice, some light adds/moves/changes) Rate 1: $150/hr (specialtiy rate) (factored) (rush, emergency, or priority)
Level 2: (standard paid support options) (see rate chart for details) Rate 2: $120/hr (on-site one-way travel) (parking/tolls extra) (advanced)
Level 3: (advanced paid support options) (see rate chart for details) Rate 3: $80/hr (remote support) (adds/moves/changes)  
Maintenance / Emergency Services Level: (determined case by case) Rate 4: $39.00 (one time incident fee) (some adds/moves/changes)
  Rate 5: Flat Rate / Other (to be determined case by case)
IP PBX Support determines the support level(s), and/or when an "out of scope" condition applies to incidents or events.
All tech support is "time based" and not "results based",  
Telephone service is offed under our "best effort" arraignment without any contract, agreement, or "SLA".
Telephone service is offered via a "pre-paid" "month to month" commitment (with no contract, SLA, or other agreement for service).

Telephone service is defined as, a "socket service"; with any troubleshooting or network traffic examination of such (examples):

(routing) (to/from) (bandwitdh) (latency) (jitter) (no audio) or (call quality) becoming "out of scope" and/or leading to a bilable event.

Support for telephone service and/or telephone systems is initally offered by using our "Level 1" support level.

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